Map My Drive v3.1

It’s only been two weeks since the release of the new app and you all provided a lot of great feedback. This update brings several new features and bug fixes.

First is dark mode. Dark mode will turn on/off with your system wide dark mode settings. You made need to reopen the app for it to take affect. Next is displaying interval pins along the route and a specified interval. This can be configured in the app settings and was a feature available in the classic app. After resolving some performance issues, it’s back! Please note that setting a short interval for a long route may still degrade performance and cause long loading times. The last new feature in this update is just a few UI tweaks and some small styling changes. An example of this is the color of the maps was tweaked a bit. And don’t be surprised if it continues to change slightly in the future.

On to bugs and performance improvements. Merging is now quicker and should no longer freeze the screen. Route lines that crisscrossed over the screen are now gone. This happened when merging routes together where the end of one route was not the beginning of the next route. Lastly, users running a version earlier than iOS 13 were unable to select the app when trying to transfer data from the classic app. That has been fixed and you can now select the new app to transfer data to.

Enjoy and please continue to submit feedback. App Store reviews are also much appreciated. Thanks.

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