Map My Drive v2.11

Map My Drive v2.11 is now available on the Apple App Store for download and it improves tracking as well as a few bug fixes. To improve tracking and app performance, not as many location points are being recorded. The app will still mark your route as you drive, but you may notice the path is not as smooth to the road as before.

Map My Drive v2.10 improved tracking as well and fixed an issue where there may be some gaps in a route.

Map My Drive v2.9 fixed some bugs and updated the share link so that it goes directly to the map website.

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  1. Marcus Delany 13th September 2019

    Love the app and use it constantly. Any chance of being able to have a date format option ddmmyy or better yymmdd? Also is it possible to remove adds with upgrade?

    • Support 14th September 2019 — Post author

      For the drive name, you can update that to any name you want. The start date format is currently fixed but that may be changed in a future update. For upgrading to remove ads, that is something that is currently being looked into.

  2. John 19th September 2019

    Could you please post the steps for exporting files including:
    1. What’s the best file type to export(Json, kml)
    2. What programs(ex google earth) we should use to open the exported file etc.

    Also, when I share a link to my map, a map of the world opens, but I don’t see the road I’ve driven, just a picture of the map. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

    • Support 20th September 2019 — Post author

      To export a file, click the share icon from the map screen. GPX and KML files can be opened by Google Earth and other various programs that accept GPX and KML file formats. Which one you use depends on which program or device you decide to use. JSON is used to import the drive back into Map My Drive which can be used as a way to backup drives or transfer them to another device.

      It sounds like you are sharing the link correctly. There are some known issues if the drive is very long resulting in a large file size. This may be the issue you are experiencing.

  3. Brian 19th September 2019

    I figure out how to import thr JSON files, but it seems we cannot import JSON files larger than a certain size. Im trying to import my 30MB cross country drive. I get the opportunity to click import, but it doesnt show up into my Map My Drive App. Is there a way around this? Whats the largest file size that can be imported?

    • Support 20th September 2019 — Post author

      I’m not aware of what the max file size is, but the larger the file size the longer it will take to import. Are you allowing it enough time to import and load all of the data? Does it look like it is crashing?

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